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Gosto Passive Sample Service

for shelf-stable grocery brands, supplements, cosmetics, vitamins, skin care.

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Sell More Product.   Gosto Passive Sample Service


Gosto Passive Sample Service offers a unique opportunity for food brands struggling to boost their sales in brick-and-mortar stores. Our innovative sampling method is not just effective but also affordable, designed to significantly enhance consumer engagement with your brand.

Why Sampling Matters:

  • Increased Sales: Sampling has been proven to boost product sales. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product after trying a free sample.

  • Brand Awareness: Sampling effectively introduces new products to consumers, increasing brand visibility and recall.

  • Consumer Trust: Sampling allows consumers to try before they buy, building trust and loyalty towards your brand.


The Gosto Advantage:


  • Customization: Tailored Sample Stacks with your brand's logo and QR code link to product information.

  • QR Code Integration: Each stack comes with a QR code, leading consumers to detailed product information and increasing engagement.

  • Affordable Scaling: Our tiered pricing model makes it cost-effective for brands of all sizes.





















Who can use the Gosto Passive Sample Service? 

We partner with independent retail stores across the US who currently carry your product and want to produce more sales.   These buyers want to use samples to create more sales, introduce new products and provide a better shopping experience for their customers.  Gosto Passive Sampling is perfect for:

  • Shelf Stable Food Brands

  • Supplement Brands

  • Cosmetic Brands

  • Skin Care Brands

Step 1:  Cut up/break your product to bite size samples and place and seal in bags

Step 2: Put sealed bags in Sample Stack

Step 3: Put provided labels on Sample Stacks, assemble Gosto Display Tray

Step 4: Send to buyer at retail store w/order for consumers try before they buy

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Gosto Passive Sampling Kits

(100) 2"x3" heat-sealable  sample bags
(48) Gosto Sample Stack Boxes
(54) branded sticker labels for Gosto Sample Stack Boxes
(1) Gosto Display Tray

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How It Works:

  1. Order the number of Gosto Passive Sample Kits you need.

  2. Receive Sample Stacks, bags,  Gosto tray and custom labels.

  3. Prepare your samples, place them in the stacks, and ship them with your retail orders.

  4. Buyers place the Gosto Tray or Gosto Passive Sample Stacks on the shelf next to your product to sample.
  5. Consumers can scan the QR code for detailed product information.
  6. We manage the store page  and the QR code link, keeping it updated with the right info.


With Gosto Passive Sample Service, your brand can achieve the retail breakthrough it deserves. Our service bridges the gap between your products and consumers, creating a memorable sampling experience that drives sales and builds loyalty.  We can work directly with brands and we can work with brokers and distributors!


"It is definitely helping sales. I ran a report 3/1 to 3/22. Sold 25 units compared to 2/1 to 2/28. Sold 3."  Kerri. L  H & L Produce, LAKEWOOD WA

Want to learn more, get started or recommend a brand, broker or distributor for us to contact? 

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