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Elevate Your Direct Wholesales

Gosto Rewards™ Where Wholesale Meets Wow!

Hey there, CPG Brands! Ready to skyrocket your direct sales and get your products into the hands of eager retail buyers? Gosto Rewards is your golden ticket!

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Gosto Rewards for CPG Brands: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Growth and Engagement

1. Free Listing & Tier Selection:
Gosto Rewards offers a no-cost listing for your brand. You can choose from various tiers to place your offers. Each tier requires a minimum of 10 offers to be redeemed, with no maximum limit. You can replenish your offers or opt-out anytime.

2. Sample Distribution & Wholesale Info:
Brands can send out samples and wholesale information to interested buyers. We offer a unique Gosto Sampling System that not only saves costs but also leaves a lasting impression on buyers.

3. Direct Order Management:
Receive orders directly from our platform. Gosto Rewards charges a flat fee for both new and reorders, streamlining your sales process and increasing your direct sales accounts across multiple channels.

4. Push Notifications & Email Reminders:
For an additional fee, you can opt for push notifications or email reminders to be sent to buyers about reorders, specials, new products, and price changes. This keeps your brand at the forefront of buyers' minds.

5. Gosto Sample Stacks:
Our unique Gosto Sample System allows you to send out samples in eco-friendly Gosto Sample Pods. These pods can be stacked together to create a Gosto Sample Stack, offering buyers a multi-sensory experience of your brand.

6. Third-Party Broker Services:
We offer vetted broker services, starting with Duo Marketplace, to help you follow up with retail buyers on the samples sent. The fee structure is transparent and only applicable if a sale is made.

7. Real-Time Analytics:
Our platform provides real-time analytics to help you understand buyer behavior, popular products, and trends. This data can be invaluable for future product development and marketing strategies.

8. Gosto Points:
Gosto Rewards incentivizes buyers with Gosto Points, which they can use to redeem discounts on your products. This not only encourages repeat purchases but also fosters brand loyalty.

9. QR Code & In-Store Promotion:
We provide a unique QR code that can be displayed in stores carrying your products. Scanning the QR code will direct buyers and consumers to a dedicated page for your brand, increasing visibility and sales.

10. Customer Support:
Our customer support is second to none. We're here to assist you in any way possible to ensure your brand's success on our platform.

With Gosto Rewards, you're not just another brand in a marketplace; you're a partner in an ecosystem designed to elevate the CPG industry. Join us and let's revolutionize the way brands and buyers connect.  Start your free listings today!

Gosto Sample System™


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The Gosto Sample System is an innovative, cost-reducing method to send your product samples and wholesale information to buyers at retail stores. It utilizes our proprietary Gosto SampleStacks, an inexpensive, sanitary, easy way to send samples to retail buyers. We mail you Gosto SampleStacks and heat-sealed bags. Simply put a bite size sampled piece in the bag, heat seal, then place in Gosto SampleStack. Put a label with your info on the Gosto SampleStack, then mail the Stack with your sample and your wholesale info to the retail buyer. The cost of sending a sample to a retail buyer should be less than $8 all in.

Reduce the cost to mail samples to retail buyers and STAND OUT in the crowd!

Gosto Rewards Tiers

Flexible Tiers, Flexible Gains: Choose from five different reward tiers to offer retail buyers. Put an offer in one tier or all of them, your choice.  From free shipping to jaw-dropping discounts, pick what works best for your brand.

Gosto Rewards Tier

Buyer Cost

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Tier I  Free Ship, Any Orders

10 Gosto Points (10GP)

DALL·E 2023-10-21 11.06_edited.png

Tier II  Free Ship, First Order

10 Gosto Points (10GP)

DALL·E 2023-10-21 11.06_edited.png

Tier III  10% Off

20 Gosto Points (20GP)

DALL·E 2023-10-21 11.06_edited.png

Tier IV  25% Off

DALL·E 2023-10-21 11.06_edited.png

Tier V  50% Off

30 Gosto Points (30GP)

50 Gosto Points (50GP)

Ready to sell your products direct?

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Need some clarity? We suggest trying our FAQ and, if that doesn't resolve your question, please contact us.

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