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Gosto Rewards for CPG retail buyers


What is Gosto Rewards? 


Gosto Rewards, for CPG retail buyers, is your go-to platform for hassle-free wholesale shopping.


Sign up for free, earn Gosto Points by interacting with brand surveys and providing feedback, and use them to unlock exclusive discounts and samples from a variety of brands.


It's wholesale made fun and rewarding!

Why You'll Love Gosto Rewards

Start with a Bang: Sign up for a FREE account and kickstart your Gosto journey with a 100-point bonus. Yep, 100 Gosto Points, just like that!

Unlock Exclusive Deals: Browse through our five amazing discount tiers and use your Gosto Points to snag some incredible offers. From free shipping to massive discounts, we've got it all!

Sample Before You Commit: Use just 5 Gosto Points to request free samples and all the wholesale info you need. It's like a test drive for products!

Stay in the Loop: Log in anytime to check your Gosto Points balance, view past orders, and update your store info.

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Earning Gosto Points is easy!

Quick Gosto Surveys: Earn points by completing simple Gosto surveys we send, which could be about samples you've received or general store preferences.

Your Feedback: Provide valuable feedback on samples or products, and rack up more points.

Recommendations: Get extra points by recommending new brands, brokers, or distributors who engage with Gosto.

Spotlight Reviews: Participate in spotlight brand reviews to share your insights and earn points.


Store Info: Provide specific information about your store's needs, preferences, or schedule to earn additional points.

It's all about engagement; the more you interact with Gosto, the more points you earn!

How To Spend Your Gosto Points


Browse Discount Coupon Tiers: We have five different discount tiers, each with unique offers from various brands.

Unlock Deals: Use your Gosto Points to redeem exclusive discounts within these tiers. The cost in Gosto Points varies depending on the tier and the deal.


Product Sample Requests: Not sure about a product? Spend 5 Gosto Points to request free samples and additional wholesale information.


Place Wholesale Orders: Once you've redeemed a discount, you can use it to place a wholesale order on our platform.


Gosto Discount Tiers:

  • Tier 1: Free ship, any order.- Cost: 10 Gosto Points. (10GP)

  • Tier 2: Free ship, first order. Cost: 10 Gosto Points. (10GP)

  • Tier 3: 10% off first order. Cost: 20 Gosto Points. (20GP)

  • Tier 4: 25% off first order. Cost: 30 Gosto Points. (30GP)

  • Tier 5: 50% off first order. Cost: 50 Gosto Points. (50GP)

Additional Perks:

  • Track Your Points: Log in anytime to check your Gosto Points balance and view past orders.

  • Direct Billing: Brands will bill you directly, making transactions smooth and straightforward.

Ready to dive in?

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