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Sogo Snacks Meat Sticls

Sogo Snacks Meat Sticls


Prodcut Description

Sogo Snacks are gluten free, allergen friendly, low-carb meat stick snacks made from 100% grass-fed & finished beef verified by Project Non-GMO. Dairy-free, Gluten-Free, Keto, Non-GMO, Nut-free, Paleo and Sugar-Free.


Minimum Order

1 cases (24 units per case, split cases allowed)


Case Cost

1 Case - $40.95 (24 units)

1/2 Master Case - $102.95 (72 units) Save 15-16%

Master Case - $184.95 (144 units) Save 24-25%


Unit Cost

1 Case- $1.71

1/2 Master Case - $1.43

Master Case - $1.28



$1.60 - $2.00


Number of Flavors



Top Sellers

BEEF: Iowa Smoked Original, Iowa Smoked Jalapeño, Iowa Smoked Garlic, Original,

Jalapeño, Chimichurri, Smokey Sweet, Spicy Southwest

TURKEY: Savory, Jalapeño, Chimichurri


Shelf Life

Beef 1 year, Turkey 6 months

  • Request Free Samples/Wholesale Info


    Wanna try before you buy? *Click the link below to request free samples. The brand will mail samples and wholesale info to your store. Follow up on the samples will start two weeks from the date you requested.

    Sogo Snacks Sample and Wholesale Info

    *2 Gosto Points will be deducted from your Gosto Rewards account.

  • Gosto Rewards Offer(s)

    • Tier 1 free ship, any order  COST 3GP
    • Tier 5 50% off first order  COST 10GP
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