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Sunrise Natural Foods - Gosto Samples

Welcome to a new way to sample!  Gosto Samples!  Safely packed, bite-sized samples for you to taste (Gosto means taste in Portuguese). We hope you enjoy the samples and, if we introduce you to a new joy, all the better!

Featured Brand Product Samples

For the Love of Toffee

Available sample flavors:
1. Salted Peanut & Dark Chocolate (Allergens: Milk, Peanuts, Soy)
2. Spicy Pecan & Dark Chocolate (Allergens: Milk, Pecans, Soy)
3. Bourbon Walnut & Dark Chocolate (Allergens: Milk, Walnut, Soy)
4. Cinnamon Cashew & Dark Chocolate (Allergens: Milk, Cashews, Soy)

What makes our toffee so special?

Flavor. Our eight unique flavors offer a nutty rich, buttery, sweet and salty surprise in each delicious bite.

All natural. Our toffee is made and packaged by hand using only the finest quality all-natural ingredients.

Nuts. Our recipe uses nuts as the #1 ingredient and they are abundant in every single piece.

Texture. Our confection has a softer texture that's not hard and sticky like most toffees you've tasted.

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