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Uploading Products to Gosto Rewards

Step 1 | Add Your Products

Add your products to the Gosto Rewards template file we emailed you or download the product upload template below.


Once you're ready, please email the file back to:

Adding your products

  1. Enter the product data into the template, following the instructions in the table below. You must also follow these guidelines:

    • Do not add or delete columns.

    • Do not edit column names.

    • Each product must have a handleId, name, fieldType, price. 

    • Each variant must have a handleId, fieldType, optionChoices.

    • If you're unsure how to fill out non-mandatory fields, leave them blank and we can make changes to products later.

    • Your file from another platform may have fields not found in the Gosto Rewards CVS Template file. Please do not add them.

  2. Delete the rows of sample data.

  3. Save the file in a CSV format.

  4. Email the CVS file to

Download Gosto Rewards Product Upload CVS Template

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Gosto Rewards Template Definitions

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