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Welcome to Gosto Rewards™ –Opening Soon!

Making direct wholesale easy for both buyer and seller.

Gosto Rewards™ was created to simplify direct sales while making it fun and engaging. Direct sales is a challenge for both the retail buyer and CPG brands. There is no one system to track it, and make it simple. Gosto Rewards is the system we have all been waiting for!

We are currently working hard to get everything ready to go. But you can still create your FREE Gosto Rewards™ account now and get it ready to go. Plus, you earn 100 Gosto Points for signing up, early access to news and events and more.

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Are you a CPG retail buyer?


Tired of scrolling through the same old, vanilla marketplaces like Faire and MeetMable?  Ready to graduate from 'Online Shopping 101'?

Welcome to Gosto Rewards™—where we've turned brand discovery into a game you'll actually want to play. Earn Gosto Points just for being your fabulous, opinionated self and cash them in for exclusive discounts and free samples. It's like your favorite loyalty program had a baby with a treasure hunt. Intrigued?


Click to unlock a whole new world of sourcing. Trust us, it's the upgrade you didn't know you needed."

Watch to learn about Gosto Rewards for CPG retail buyers.
Watch to learn about Gosto Rewards for CPG brands.
Are you a CPG brand?


Tired of the same old, same old? Forget the yawn-inducing platforms like and Gosto Rewards is the game-changer you've been waiting for! We're not just another marketplace; we're your direct line to retail buyers who are as excited about your products as you are.
Click to discover how we're revolutionizing the CPG space!

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